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Add a HTML text editor to your Drupal site

  • Download and install the following modules:
    • Wysiwyg
    • IMCE (for image uploads)
    • IMCE Wysiwug API bridge
  • Enable modules in (Home > Administration) > Modules page.
  • Ensure access rights correct
  • Create /sites/all/images folder and ensures writable
  • (Home > Administration) > Configuration > Media > Filesystem change public file system path to sites/all/images
  • Create /sites/all/libraries/ckeditor folder and ensures writable
  • Download ckeditor and extract to /sites/all/libraries/ckeditor folder
  • Ensure access rights correct
  • Go to (Home > Administration) > Configuration > Content authoring > Wysiwyg profiles
  • Click on installation instructions to ensure that ckeditor installed porperly (will be open anyway if not installed properly)
  • Collapse installation instructions option and for the Full HTML text format, select CKEditor on the dropdown list
  • Save and click on edit
  • Under buttons and plugins select
    • Bold, Italic, Underline
    • Allign left / center / right
    • Bullet / Numbered list
    • Indent / Outdent / Undo
    • Link
    • Image
    • Source code
    • Table
    • Check spelling / Check spelling as you type
    • IMCE
  • Save and close
  • Go to (Home > Administration) > Configuration > Content authering > Text formats
  • Drag Full HTML to the top and save changes, this will ensure that all content created, is created as full html by default
  • Clear Caches
  • Create your first content


  • I did find that above instructions messed up the Bartik theme, so I went into the theme settings and clicked on the "Save configuration" button

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Article | by Dr. Radut